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The table below shows recent (within the past 12 months) alumni of the institute of astronomy along with their current contact details.

Name Position at ETH New Institution Move date
Kim, Kwang Seong PhD with Prof. Lilly private industry May 2017
Thalmann, Christian Postdoc with Prof. Meyer Education February 2017
Birrer, Simon PhD with Prof. Refregier UCLA January 2017
Todorov, Kamen Postdoc with Prof. Meyer University of Amsterdam November 2016
Akeret, Joel
Engineer with Prof. Refregier private industry September 2016
Chang, Chihway Postdoc with Prof. Refregier
KICP, Chicago
September 2016
Bell, Cameron Postdoc with Prof. Meyer Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam September 2016
Meyer, Michael Group Leader University of Michigan August 2016
Seehars, Sebastian PhD with Prof. Refregier private industry August 2016
Soto, Kurt Postdoch with Prof. Lilly - August 2016
Wipf, Manuela Physics Laboratory Assistant with Prof. Refregier   August 2016
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