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Quanz, Sascha P., Dr.

Research Groups

Extragalactic Astrophysics
(Lead: Prof. Carollo)
Observational Cosmology
(Lead: Prof. Lilly)
Star and Planet Formation
(Lead: Prof. Meyer)
(Lead: Prof. Refregier)
Black Holes
(Lead: Prof. Schawinski)
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Research Interests and Science Projects

I am interested in the physical and chemical properties of extrasolar planets and in their formation processes. High-contrast  imaging and data analysis techniques help me to directly image and characterize exoplanets and their birthplaces, the so-called protoplanetary disks.

I am currently involved in several working groups of the science team for ESO's new planet finding instrument SPHERE, which is currently being commissioned at the VLT.

In addition, I am an official member of ESO's instrument science team and act as local Project Scientist for the ERIS instrument. ERIS is a 1-5 micron instrument for the Cassegrain focus of UT4 at the VLT. It will benefit from the Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) including the deformable secondary mirror (DSM).

Finally, I am Project Scientist for the METIS instrument. METIS is the mid-infrared imager and spectrograph foreseen to be installed at the E-ELT, ESO's 39-m telescope, in the mid 2020s.

Substitute lecturer for Prof. Dr. Michael R. Meyer and PD Dr. Hans Martin Schmid. Semester and Master projects.
Short CV
June 2014 - present: Senior Staff Scientist, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Aug. 2011 - Mai 2014: Senior Research Associate (Oberassistent), ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Aug. 2009 - Jul. 2011: Postdoctoral Researcher (Assistent), ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Sep. 2007 - Aug. 2009: Senior Associate Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Germany

Apr. 2004 - Jul. 2007: Ph.D. in Astronomy, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany

Apr. 1999 - Apr. 2004: Diploma in Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Honors/Awards Mar. 2013 - present: Liaison professor of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Feb. 2013 - present: Lecturer for the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Jul. 2007: PhD awarded with distinction (summa cum laude)

2004 - 2007: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung PhD scholarship for intellectually gifted students

2000 - 2004: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung student scholarship for intellectually gifted students

Press releases
Feb. 2013: "The Birth of a Giant Planet?" (ESO release, ETH life article)

Jul. 2010: "New Mode for VLT's NACO to Image Exoplanets" (ESO release, ETH life article)


Please click here for comprehensive list of scientific publications.

Selection of publications in refereed journals:


Reggiani, M., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "Discovery of a Companion Candidate in the HD169142 Transition Disk and the Possibility of Multiple Planet Formation" (link)

Garufi, A., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "Shadows and cavities in protoplanetary disks: HD 163296, HD 141569A, and HD 150193A in polarized light" (link)

Avenhaus, H., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "HD100546 Multi-Epoch Scattered-Light Observations" (link)

Pineda, J.E., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "Resolved images of the protoplanetary disk around HD 100546 with ALMA" (link)

Amara, A., Quanz, S.P. & Akeret, J. (2014): "PynPoint Code for Exoplanet Imaging" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "Direct detection of exoplanets in the 3-10 micron range with E-ELT/METIS" (link)

Avenhaus, H., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2014): "Structures in the protoplanetary disk of HD142527 seen in polarized scattered light" (link)


Garufi, A., Quanz, S.P. et al. (2013): "Small vs. large dust grains in transitional disks: do different cavity sizes indicate a planet?. SAO 206462 (HD 135344B) in polarized light with VLT/NACO" (link)

Parker, R.J. & Quanz, S.P. (2013): "On the frequency of planetary systems around G-dwarfs" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2013b): "Gaps in the HD169142 protoplanetary disk revealed by polarimetric imaging: Signs of ongoing planet formation?" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2013a): "A Young Protoplanet Candidate Embedded in the Circumstellar Disk of HD 100546" (link)


Amara, A. & Quanz, S.P. (2012): "PynPoint: An Image Processing Package for Finding Exoplanets" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2012c): "Searching for young Jupiter analogs around AP Col: L-band high-contrast imaging of the closest pre-main sequence star" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2012b): "Direct imaging constraints on planet populations detected by microlensing" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2012a): "Resolving the inner regions of the HD 97048 circumstellar disk with VLT/NACO polarimetric differential imaging" (link)

Parker, R.J. & Quanz, S.P. (2012): "The effects of dynamical interactions on planets in young substructured star clusters" (link)


Quanz, S.P. et al. (2011b): "Very Large Telescope/NACO Polarimetric Differential Imaging of HD100546—Disk Structure and Dust Grain Properties between 10 and 140 AU" (link)

Quanz, S.P. et al. (2011a):"Searching for Gas Giant Planets on Solar System Scales: VLT NACO/APP Observations of the Debris Disk Host Stars HD172555 and HD115892" (link)


Quanz, S.P. et al. (2010):"First Results from Very Large Telescope NACO Apodizing Phase Plate: 4 Micron Images of The Exoplanet beta Pictoris" (link)


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