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Christian Andreas Monstein

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Research Activities

PI of the worldwide e-Callisto radio spectrometer network



Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB): Corresponding Astronomer of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (2016)
SETI League: Giordano Bruno Memorial Award for technical excellence in the service of SETI (2011)
UN/NASA: International Heliophysical Year for creative vision, outstanding leadership, and significant contributions to the success of the Observatory Development (2010)


Short CV

Professional experience:

1997 to present:

Design, manufacturing and testing of a phase switched correlation receiver
Design of digital radio spectrometers (frequency agile and FFT)
Local PM for ESA-space telescope Herschel (HIFI)
Local PM ESO-project MUSE for VLT in Chile
Participation in KOSMA & NANTEN2 (FFT radio spectrometer)
Education of apprentice (Physik-Laboranten)
Management Astrowoche Diavolezza & Gurnigel

1990-1997: AXICOM: Design of automatic relays production lines

1985-1990: ALCATEL: Design of automatic in process test-systems

1978-1985: STR AG (ITT): Design of automatic telecom test-systems

Special experience:

ISWI steering committee at UN-office for outer space affairs (UNOOSA) in Vienna
CRAF (Commission for Radio Astronomy Frequencies) Representative for Switzerland in ESF
Qualifications to be responsible for toxins
Security/Safety coordinator (SIKO)
Board of examiners for apprentice (Kanton Zürich)


1974-1978: Fachhochschule Konstanz Germany: Elektrische Nachrichtenrechnik, Dipl. Ing. (FH)
1973-1974: Fachhochschulreife in Konstanz, Germany
1969-1973: Apprenticeship in Altnau as Radio/TV-Technician


Selected papers and other publications with Christian Monstein as author

ORION 367, 3/11, Solares Spektrometer installiert, CALLISTO in Kasachstan.

Interview SRF (DRS4) am 9.6.2011 zum CME vom 7.6.2011 (mp3)

CRAF newsletter No 21 2010, Radio spectrometer network e-Callisto

Observations of the Solar Radio Emission with the Callisto Spectrometer, Ch. Monstein, S. V. Lesovoy, A. Maslov, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, 2009

2009 UN BSS&IHY Workshop South Korea: Special contribution: Analysis of a spectral overview using IDL.

Callisto spectrum measurements at KASI South Korea, Chr. Monstein, Kyung-Suk Cho, Su-Chan Bong, e-collection 2007

Callisto spectrum measurements at PMOD-WRC in Davos  Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, Michael Beverland, H. Roth, e-collection October 2007

Analysis of air coaxial cable 5m-dish/shack at Bleien observatory in view of Phoenix-3, Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, e-collection 2007

Phoenix-3 preliminary spectrum analysis at Bleien observatory, Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, e-collection 2007

Verification of differential nonlinearities on FFT-spectrometer ARGOS, Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, e-collection June 2007

RFI in radio astronomy band 1610.6MHz-1613MHz at Bleien observatory, Chr. Monstein, Hansueli Meyer, e-colletion 2007

Callisto spectrum measurement at IRSOL in Ticino, e-collection May 2007

Callisto spectrum measurement in Ootacamund (India), Chr. Monstein, P. K. Manoharan, D. Nandogopal, e-collection Jan 2007

Callisto spectrum measurement in Gauribidanur (India), Chr. Monstein, R. Ramesh, e-collection Jan 2007

Callisto spectrum measurement in Badary/Irkutsk (Russian Federation),  Chr. Monstein, S. V. Lesovoi, e-collection Jan 2007

Qualification of the prototype spectrometer e-Callisto, e-collection Nov 2006

Evaluation of an optimized antenna cable for e-Callisto, Oct. 2006

Radio observation of SMART-1 in its last perilune orbit, e-collection Sep. 2006

Observation of Neutral Hydrogen using FFT Spectrometer ARGOS on a 5m telescope, e-collection Sep. 2006

Observation of SMART-1 beacon in S-band 2235.1MHz, e-collection Sep. 2006

Report of a simple 2-Element Solar Radio Interferometer at Bleien Observatory, Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, e-collection Sep. 2006

Callisto spectrum measurement at Humain station ROB, e-collection Juni 2006

ETH Zuerich entwickelt bahnbrechendes, digitales FFT-Radiospektrometer, ORION 3/2005, Heft 328, Seiten 21-22.

Observation of scalar longitudinal electrodynamic waves, C. Monstein and J. P. Wesley, Europhysics Letters 59 (4), pp. 514-520 (2002)

Die Mondtemperatur bei l = 2.77 cm Christian Monstein, [ORION 4/2001 August 2001, ISSN 0030-557X]

Solar System Velocity from Muon Flux Anisotropy C. Monstein & J.P. Wesley; APEIRON vol 3, no 2, april 96. ISSN 0843-6061



Selected papers and other publications with Christian Monstein as co-author

The Hershel-Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared (HIFI),  Th. de Graauw, ...., C. Monstein, ....May 13, 2010

Probing unexplored territories with MUSE: Bacon R.1, ...., Monstein C.3, Nicklas H.5, ..., de Zeeuw P.T.7

High Spectral Resolution of Decimetric Radio Spikes Emitted by Solar Flares - First Results of the Phoenix-3 Spectrometer. A. O. Benz, C. Monstein, M. Beverland, H. Meyer, and B. Stuber. Solar Physics in press (2009) The pdf file of the article are available.

A World-wide Net of Solar Radio Spectrometers, A.O. Benz, C. Monstein, H. Meyer, P. K. Manoharan, R. Ramesh, A. Altyntsev, A. Lara, J. Paez, and K.-S. Cho. Earth, Moon, and Planets,  2009

Intercomparison of Digital Fast Fourier Transform and Accousto Optical Spectrometers for Microwave Radiometry of the Atmosphere. Stefan Mueller, Axel Murk, Christian Monstein, Nilaus Kaempfer. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2008

Construction of an e-Callisto Station in Korea, Su-Chan Bong, Yeon Kim, Hee-Seon Roh, Kyung-Suk Cho, Seonghwan Choi, Ji-Hye Baek, Christian Monstein, A. Benz, Young-Jae Moon and Sungsoo S. Kim, Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society, 41:1 ~ 7, 2008

Callisto spectrum measurements in Via Mala, Switzerland  Michael Beverland, Chr. Monstein, H. U. Meyer, e-collection October 2007

Mitigation effect of a window function for a FFT spectrometer in a electromagnetic strongly disturbed RF environment, H. U. Meyer, Chr. Monstein, e-collection 2007

Microwave remote sensing of stratospheric trace gases using digital Fast Fourier Transform. Stefan C. Mueller, Axel Murk, Christian Monstein, Niklaus Kaempfer, Hansueli Meyer. March 2006

A broadband FFT spectrometer for radio and millimeter astronomy. A. O. Benz, P. C. Grigis, V. Hungerbuehler, H. Meyer, C. Monstein, B. Stuber and D. Zardet. September 2005

A novel spectrometer concept for microwave remote sensing of middle atmospheric trace constituents. Stefan C. Mueller, Niklaus Kaempfer, Christian Monstein, Hansueli Meyer, Axel Murk, Vladimir Vasic. Sept. 2005

FPGA Implementation of a 32K Point Accumulating fFT with 2Gs/s Throughput. Bruno Stuber, Dino Zardet, Arnold O. Benz, Christian Monstein, Hansueli Meyer and Viktor Hungerbuehler. Sept. 2005

CALLISTO - New Concept for Solar Radio Spectrometers. Arnold O. Benz, Christian Monstein and Hansueli Meyer, 2004

High-sensitivity observations of solar flare decimeter radiation. A. O. Benz, P. Messmer, and C. Monstein A&A 366, 326-330 (2001)

PHOENIX-2: A Broadband Spectrometer for Decimetric and Microwave Radio Bursts: First Results. P. Messmer, A. O. Benz, C. Monstein, C. Zmoos, 1998


Talks and posters with Christian Monstein

Presentation at Metasähovi radio observatory 2010-09-03 (18MB)

Presentation about Callisto network at CESRA meeting 2010-06-16 (10MB)

Poste de Flaque, Mauritius, 29.04.2009, General presentation about Callisto-Network

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 27.05.2009, General presentation about Callisto-Network

Galway, Ireland 30.06.2009, Talk about Callisto-Network

Heidelberg, Germany 04.09.2009, Talk Argos Spectrometer Search for Extragalactic Radio Transients

Heidelberg, Germany 05.09.2009, Talk International Spectrometer network CALLISTO

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brasil 27.10.2009, Talk International Spectrometer network CALLISTO

Manchester, UK 06.11.2009, Presentation to CRAF about rfi in Switzerland

Rabat, Morocco 20.11.2009, Talk Spectrometer-network CALLISTO in view of ISWI

FFT-spectrometer ARGOS IAP University Bern, 08.04.2005 (6646KB)

Report HIFI consortium meeting Utrecht 21.04.2005 (246KB)

FFT-spectrometer European Radio Astronomy Forum, Digital Backends, RadioNet at MPIfR Bonn 06.09.2004 (1451KB)

FFT-spectrometer KTI-meeting Olten 19.08.2004 (1040KB)

Callisto ERAC-Symposium Heppenheim, 05-07.09.2003 (2836KB) and Jansky Laboratory Green Bank West Virginia, 23.04.2004

Report HIFI consortium meeting Kapteyn Institute SRON Groningen, 15.04.2004 (1574KB)

Report COA (226KB) and mirrors (1400KB)  HIFI consortium meeting ETH Zurich, 18.09.2003

Minikolloquium FFT-Spectrometer ARGOS breadboard modell, Institute of Astronomy ETH Zurich, 11.06.2002 (571KB)

Herschel-Poster fuer SAG-Tagung an der Universität Bern 17/18.05.2003 (173KB)


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