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Research Activities

Present research focuses on star and planet formation using data of the Herschel Space Observatory and on high-energy diagnostics of solar flares. The latter is connected to the involvement as a Senior Advisor in the STIX project on Solar Orbiter at the FHNW in Windisch.


Short CV

Arnold Benz studied physics at ETH Zurich. He did his Ph.D. at Cornell University, NY, USA with Thomas Gold on the acceleration of the solar wind. He moved back to ETH in 1972 and, starting in 1974, he led the group for radio astronomy and plasma physics. He was appointed professor in 1993. His achievements include the first detailed survey and interpretation of solar flare radio emissions in decimeter radio waves, theory for particle acceleration in flares, and the relation of thermal X-ray and non-thermal X-ray emissions of solar and stellar activity. His interdisciplinary work on science and religion was awarded by an honorary doctor of the University of Zurich.

He was president of Division II (Sun and Heliosphere) of the International Astronomical Union, president of Commission 10 (Solar Activity) of the IAU, president of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy, and a member of several more national and international committees.

After his retirement in 2010 he remained a member of the Institute for Astronomy and continues his research. The focus includes also the dialogue with theologians on science and religion. The question is how to assimilate a worldview dominated by science into theological concepts of reality (more).



The publication list is under construction.


  • A complete list of his 466 publications is available here.
  • A list of his books is available here (PDF, 242 KB).

A Selection of Recent Research Articles

  • WISH VI. Constraints on UV and X-ray irradiation from a survey of hydrides in low to high-mass YSOs
    Benz, A. O.; Bruderer, S; van Dishoeck, E.F.; Melchior, M. and 18 coauthors
    Astronomy and Astrophysics, 590, A 105 (2016) (pdf)
  • Herschel Survey of Galactic OH+, H2O+, and H3O+: Probing the Molecular Hydrogen Fraction and Cosmic-Ray Ionization Rate
    Indriolo, Nick; Neufeld, D. A.; Gerin, M.; Schilke, P.; Benz, A. O.; and 17 coauthors
    2015 Astrophysical Journal...800...40I (pdf)
  • Short-duration Radio Bursts with Apparent Extragalactic Dispersion
    Saint-Hilaire, P.; Benz, A. O.; Monstein, C.
    2014 Astrophysical Journal...795...19S (pdf)
  • Neutral and Ionized Hydrides in Star-forming Regions – Observations with Herschel/HIFI
    A. O. Benz, S. Bruderer, E. F. van Dishoeck,. Pascal Stäuber, and S. F. Wampfler
    Journal Chemical Physics A, 117, 9840-9847
    (2013). (pdf)
  • The spectrometer telescope for imaging x-rays on board the Solar Orbiter mission
    Benz, A. O.; Krucker, S.; Hurford, G. J.; Arnold, N. G.; Orleanski, P.; Gröbelbauer, H.-P.; Klober, S.; Iseli, L.; Wiehl, H. J.; Csillaghy, A.; and 50 coauthors
    2012 SPIE.8443E..3LB (pdf)
  • Tracing FUV Radiation in the Embedded Phase of Star Formation
    Benz, A.O., Bruderer, S., van Dishoeck, E.F., Stäuber,P., Wampfler, S.F. Dedes, C.
    EAS Publications Series, 5th Zermatt conference on conditions and impact of star formation: New results with Herschel and beyond, 52, 239-244 (2011)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • The Location of Decimetric Pulsations in Solar Flares
    A.O. Benz, M. Battaglia and N. Vilmer
    Solar Physics 273, 363 - 375 (2011)
    The pdf file and the ps file of the article are available.
  • Water in Star-Forming Regions with the Herschel Space Observatory (WISH): Overview of key program and first results
    van Dishoeck, E.F., Kristensen, L.E., Benz, A.O., and 14 coauthors
    PASP ,123, issue 900, pp.138-170 (2011)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • The Radio/X-ray Relation in Cool Stars: Are we headed toward a divorce?
    J. Forbrich, S.J. Wolk, M. Guedel, A.O. Benz, R. Osten, J.L. Linsky, M. McLean, L. Loinard, and E. Berger
    ASP Conference Series , 448, 455-467 (2011)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Multidimensional Chemical Modelling of Young Stellar Objects -- III. Abundance and excitation of diatomic hydrides
    S. Bruderer, A.O. Benz, P. Stäuber, and D. Doty
    The Astrophysical Journal 720, 1432 - 1453 (2010)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Hydrides in Young Stellar Objects: Radiation tracers in a protostar-disk-outflow system
    A.O. Benz, S. Bruderer, E.F. van Dishoeck et al.
    Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters 521, L35 (2010)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Physical Processes in Magnetically-Driven Flares on the Sun, Stars, and Young Stellar Objects
    A. O. Benz and M. Güdel
    Annual Review Astronomy Astrophysics 48 241 -- 287 (2010)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • High Spectral Resolution Observation of Decimetric Radio Spikes Emitted by Solar Flares -- First Results of the Phoenix-3 Spectrometer
    A. O. Benz, C. Monstein, M. Beverland, H. Meyer, and B. Stuber
    Solar Physics 260 375-388 (2009)
    The pdf file and the postscript file of the article are available.
  • Radio bursts of the non-thermal sun
    A. O. Benz
    Landolt-Boernstein LB VI/4B (2009)
    The pdf file and ps file of the article are available.
  • Quiet and slowly varying radio emissions of the sun
    A. O. Benz
    Landolt-Boernstein LB VI/4B (2009)
    The pdf file and the ps file of the article are available.
  • A World-wide Net of Solar Radio Spectrometers -- e-CALLISTO
    A.O. Benz, C. Monstein, H. Meyer, P. K. Manoharan, R. Ramesh, A. Altyntsev, A. Lara, J. Paez, and K.-S. Cho
    Earth, Moon, and Planets 104, 277 - 285 (2009)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Energetic radiation on the sulfur chemistry of protostellar envelopes: Submillimeter interferometry of AFGL 2591
    A. O. Benz, P. Stäuber, T.L. Bourke, F.F.S. van der Tak, E.F. van Dishoeck, and J. Joergensen
    Astronomy and Astrophysics 475, 549 - 558 (2007)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Particle acceleration in solar flares: observations versus numerical simulations
    Arnold O. Benz, Paolo C. Grigis and Marina Battaglia
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 48, B115 - B121 (2006)
    The pdf file of the article are available.
  • Flare Observations
    A.O. Benz
    Living Reviews in Solar Physics 5, no.1 (2008)
    The html version and the pdf file of the article are available.
  • A broadband FFT spectrometer for radio and millimeter astronomy
    A.O. Benz, P.C. Grigis, V. Hungerbühler, H. Meyer, C. Monstein, B. Stuber, and D. Zardet
    Astronomy and Astrophysics 442, 767 - 773 (2005)
    The pdf file of the article is available.
  • Radio Emission of Solar Flare Particle Acceleration
    Arnold O. Benz
    Sixth International Workshop on Planetary and Solar Radio Emissions Graz, April 20 - 22, 2005, (eds. H.O. Rucker, W.S. Kurth, G. Mann), 325 - 338 (2006)
    The pdf file and ps file of the article are available.  
  • CALLISTO - A new concept for solar radio spectrometers
    Arnold O. Benz, Christian Monstein, and Hansueli Meyer
    Solar Physics 226, 143 - 151 (2005)
    The pdf file and the postscript file of the article are available.
  • Survey on solar X-ray flares and associated coherent radio emissions
    Arnold O. Benz, Paolo C. Grigis, Andre Csillaghy and Pascal Saint-Hilaire
    Solar Physics 226, 121 - 142 (2005)
    The pdf file and postscript file of the article are available.


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