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Extragalactic Astrophysics
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Observational Cosmology
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Star and Planet Formation
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Black Holes
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Research Activities
Present research activities: special subjects on the history of astronomy, in particular the birth of new scientific concepts and their merging into the cultural environment.
Short CV

Harry Nussbaumer, born 16.11 1935, studied physics at ETH. After his Ph.D. on the subject of the solar corona with M. Waldmeier he moved to the University College London (1967-1969), where he specialised under M.J. Seaton F.R.S. in atomic physics and astrophysical spectroscopy. After further astrophysical research at JILA (Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics), Boulder, USA (1969-1971), and at the Observatoire de Paris, Meudon (1971-1972) he returned in autumn 1972 to ETH. At the Institute of Astronomy he lead the group of stellar astrophysics; in 1983 he was named professor. Before his retirement the focal points of his research were twofold: the late stages of stellar evolution, in particular the constitution and evolution of symbiotic stars, and the calculation of atomic parameters essential in the interpretation of astrophysical spectra. In his astrophysical research he combined the setting up of theoretical astrophysical models with the best earth- and spaceborne observations. He was a member of several international committees, president of Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy and member of the board of the Astronomische Gesellschaft; in 1994 he was elected as honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society.

After his retirement in the winter of 2000 he remained a member of the Institute for Astronomy. His research now concentrates on the history of astronomy, in particular the Copernican revolution, the history of cosmology, as well as the roots and the evolution of astronomy and astrology. His interest is focused on the question, how new scientific concepts were assimilated by the cultural environment.

Selected Publications
Einstein's aborted attempt at a dynamic steady-state universe.
H. Nussbaumer
eprint arXiv:1402.4099 (2014).

Einstein's conversion from his static to an expanding universe.
H. Nussbaumer
The European Physical Journal H, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp.37-62 (2014).

Slipher's Redshifts as Support for de Sitter's Model and the Discovery of the Dynamic Universe.
H. Nussbaumer
Origins of the Expanding Universe: 1912-1932. Proc. of a conference held 13-15 September, 2012, at Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 471. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, p.25 ( 2013).

Lemaître's Hubble relationship.
M. Way and H. Nussbaumer).
Physics Today, Vol. 64, 8, (2011).

Achtzig Jahre Urknall
H. Nussbaumer
Sterne und Weltraum, Mai 2011, 46-50.

Revolution am Himmel ─ Wie die kopernikanische Wende die Astronomie veränderte.
H. Nussbaumer
Verlag vdf, 288 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-7281-3326-7 (2011).

The Discovery of the Expanding Universe and 80 Years of Big Bang.
H. Nussbaumer
International Journal of Modern Physics D, Volume 20, pp. 87-103 (2011).

An Hubbles Image wird gekratzt
H. Nussbaumer
NZZ vom 13 July 2011

Discovering the Expanding Universe
H. Nussbaumer and L. Bieri
Cambridge University press , 226 Seiten (2009)

Das Weltbild der Astronomie
H. Nussbaumer
Verlag vdf , 328 Seiten (2007), 2. Auflage

Das Weltbild der Astronomie
H. Nussbaumer
Verlag vdf , 288 Seiten (2005)

H. Nussbaumer, H.M. Schmid
Vorlesungsskript ETH, Verlag vdf , 179 Seiten (2003)

Modelling of Symbiotic Nebulae
H. Nussbaumer
(invited review) Symbiotic stars probing stellar evolution. ASP Conference Series 303, 326 (2003)

Symbiotic stars
H. Nussbaumer
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology 18, 80 (2002)

A wind accretion wake in RW Hydrae?
Th. Dumm, D. Folini, H. Nussbaumer, H. Schild, W. Schmutz, R. Walder
A&A 354, 1014 (2000)

Observation, spectral modeling, and diagnostics of symbiotic stars
H. Nussbaumer
(invited review) in Thermal and Ionization aspects of flows from hot stars. ASP conference Series 204, 317 (2000)

Orbital and stellar parameters for FG Ser
U. Mürset, Th. Dumm, S. Isenegger, H. Nussbaumer, H. Schild, H.M. Schmid, W. Schmutz
A&A 353, 952 (2000)

Circumstellar matter around M-giants in symbiotic binaries: SY Muscae and RW Hydrae
Th. Dumm, W. Schmutz, H. Schild, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 349, 169 (1999)

BX Monocerotis: orbital and stellar parameters.
Th. Dumm, U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer, H. Schild, H.M. Schmid, W. Schmutz, S.N. Shore
A&A 336, 637 (1998)

IUE and our understanding of Symbiotic stars
H. Nussbaumer
(invited review) Proc.Ultraviolet Astrophysics beyond the IUE Final Archive. ESA SP- 413, 333 (1998)

High resolution Spectroscopy of symbiotic stars. Radial velocity curve for CD-43 14304
H.M. Schmid, Th. Dumm, U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer, H. Schild, W. Schmutz
A&A 329, 986 (1998)

The mass-loss history of the symbiotic nova RR Tel
H. Nussbaumer, Th. Dumm
A&A 323, 387 (1997)

PU Vulpeculae
H. Nussbaumer
In Physical Processes in Symbiotic Binaries and Related Systems. J. Mikolajewska, ed. , 123 (1997)

Irradiated red giant atmospheres in S-type symbiotic stars
M. Schwank, W. Schmutz, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 319, 166 (1997)

Symbiotic stars with Wolf-Rayet spectra as protoplanetary nebule?
H. Nussbaumer
Astrophys. and Space Science 238, 125-130 (1996)

PU Vulpeculae: an eclipsing symbiotic nova
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
A&A 307, 470-480 (1996)

Mass Accretion onto Compact Objects in 2D
A. Zarinelli, R. Walder, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 301, 922-928 (1995)

Extragalactic symbiotic systems. II. Hubble Space Telescope
observations of S 63 and Linsay 358

M. Vogel, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 301, 170-176 (1995)

The far-UV variability of the symbiotic star SY Mus
C.B. Pereira, M. Vogel, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 293, 783-794 (1995)

Proof of a fast wind in the symbiotic nova AG Pegasi
H. Nussbaumer, W. Schmutz, M. Vogel
A&A 293, L13-L16 (1995)

Symbiotic novae
U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer
In Cataclysmic Variables. A.Bianchini et al.(eds.). Kluwer Academic Publishers, 59-64 (1995)

Similarities and differences between Wolf-Rayet winds
and symbiotic novae.

H. Nussbaumer
IAU Symp. 163, 309-317 (1995)

The hot wind in the symbiotic nova AG Pegasii
M. Vogel, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 284, 145-155 (1994)

PU Vulpeculae.
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
IAU, Circular 5960 (1994)

Temperatures and luminosities of symbiotic novae
U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 282, 586-604 (1994)

Modification of the nebular environment in symbiotic systems
due to colliding winds

H. Nussbaumer, R. Walder
A&A 278, 209-225 (1993)

The outburst of symbiotic novae
H. Nussbaumer
In `Cataclysmic variables and related physics'.
Annals of the Israel Phys.Soc.
10, 246 (1993)

Spectroscopic observations and relative C,N,O abundances of yellow symbiotic stars.
H.M. Schmid, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 268, 159-177 (1993)

Stability analysis of colliding winds in a double star system
R. Dgani, R. Walder, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 267, 155-160 (1993)

Absolute radius of an M giant
M. Vogel, H. Nussbaumer, R. Monier
A&A 260, 156-160 (1992)

PU Vulpeculae: the outburst of a symbiotic nova
M. Vogel, H. Nussbaumer
A&A 259, 525-536 (1992)

The outburst of symbiotic novae
H. Nussbaumer
in Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars. Kluwer , p.429 (1992)

Bolometric light curves of symbiotic novae
U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer
in Evolutionary Processes in Interacting Binary Stars. Kluwer, 435-438 (1992)

Temperatures and luminosities of symbiotic stars
U. Mürset, H. Nussbaumer, H.M. Schmid, M. Vogel
A&A, 1991, 248, 458-474 (1991)

IUE and TIRGO observations of the symbiotic star HBV 475
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
A&A 248, 81-93 (1991)

HM Sge still evolving
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
in Physics of Classical Novae, IAU Coll. 122, 433, Springer (1990)

Twelve years in the life of symbiotic stars
H. Nussbaumer
ESA SP 310, 87-94 (1990)

Winds in Symbiotic systems
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
Astron.Ges.Abstract Ser 4, 19 (1990)

HM Sge, the evolution of a symbiotic nova
H. Nussbaumer, M. Vogel
A&A 23, 117-132 (1990)


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