"HST and Beyond" Report honoured with the 2017 Carl Sagan Memorial Award


The American Astronautical Society has awarded the 2017 Carl Sagan Memorial Award to the AURA "HST & Beyond Committee", of which Professor Simon Lilly was a member.

The Carl Sagan Memorial Award is given to an individual or team who "has demonstrated  leadership in research or policies advancing exploration of the Cosmos".

The "HST and Beyond" Committee was commissioned in 1994 by AURA (the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy) in the early years of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) mission to consider the next steps that should be taken by NASA in large space telescopes after the HST. The two-year study and subsequent published report "HST and beyond: Exploration and the Search for Origins" is widely recognized as being the original and most influential activity that led to the development of NASA's premier space observatory of the early 21st Century, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which is scheduled for launch in late 2018. The committee was chaired by Dr. Alan Dressler of the Carnegie Observatories. Professor Lilly shares the award with the seventeen other members of the committee.    

Simon Lilly subsequently played a major role in the definition of the scientific "Design Reference Mission" for the JWST, served for several years as the Canadian Project Scientist for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). After moving to ETH Zurich in 2002, Lilly was selected by NASA as one of the six Interdisciplinary Scientists for the JWST mission. JWST is scheduled to be launched to the second Lagrange point (L2) in August 2018 on a European Ariane rocket.

JWST Mirror
JWST Primary Mirror Tilt and Rollover Timelapse
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