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The Star and Planet Formation Research Group is one of five research groups within the Institute for Astronomy, one of five research institutes in the Department of Physics at ETH Zurich. We are comprised of 15 people engaged in a wide range of studies from astrochemistry, to the formation and evolution of young star clusters, structure and evolution of circumstellar disks around young stars, and the search for and characterization of extrasolar planets. While most of our work is observational in nature, some colleagues focus on theoretical studies as well as the development of novel instrumentation in support of our scientific work.

The Star and Planet Formation Research Group conducts fundamental research into the formation of stars and planets in order to understand our place in the Universe using observational, instrumental, and theoretical techniques.

Our research group is involved in a wide range of projects related to the formation of stars and planets. This image is an artist’s concept of a planetary system forming around the star Fomalhaut, the brightest star in the constellation Pisces Austrinus. (Credit: David A. Hardy)


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