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Open Semesterarbeit and Masterarbeit Projects

The Department of Physics requires research projects as part of the Bachelors and Masters curriculum. Our Institute supports this process and offers a number of projects possibilities. These projects are offered and coordinated by the individual research groups. For more details on specific projects, please follow the links below.

Research Group Topics Further Details
Marcella Carollo - Extragalactic Astrophysics Studies of nearby and distant galaxy populations based on observational and simulated date, theoretical modelling of galactic physics and galactic populations Link
Simon Lilly - Observational Cosmology Galaxy formation and evolution, cosmology and instrumentation / calibration projects Link
Alexandre Refregier - Cosmology Cosmology, large-scale structure, gravitational lensing, impact of dark matter and dark energy Link
Kevin Schawinski - Black Holes Origin of black holes, cosmic growth of black holes, galaxy-black hole co-evolution, citizen science & science communication Link
Schmid Hans Martin - Star and Planet Formation Exo-planet properties, Infrared lab, debris disks, protostars and young stars Link

Interested students are welcome to visit the Institute for Astronomy, or contact the responsible person listed above.

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