Astronomy Colloquium 2016/2017

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The ETH-Hoenggerberg Astrophysical Colloquium takes place in HIT H 42, on Tuesdays, at 16:15 (unless otherwise specified).

Tea with the Speaker is served at 15:45 in HIT J 43.1

Spring Semester 2017

Date Speaker Title Host
21.02.17 Franco Vazza (Hamburg/Bologna University) The radio window on the magnetic cosmic web Cantalupo
28.02.17 Scott Trager (University of Groningen) Inferring the IMF in massive galaxies from stellar population modeling Carollo
21.03.17 Lucio Mayer (University of Zurich)
Supermassive black hole binaries; from galaxy mergers to the loudest gravitational wave bursts Refregier
28.03.17 Jürg Fröhlich (ETH Zurich)
The Statistical Mechanics of the Universe Lilly
11.04.17 Ravit Helled (University of Zurich) The fuzziness of giant plantes' cores
25.04.17 Andrea Ferrara (SNS Pisa) The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies Cantalupo
Celine Peroux (ESO/LAM) The Cosmic Baryon Cycle: Accretion, Outflows and the Circum-Galactic Medium     Cantalupo
09.05.17 Christopher Conselice (University of Nottingham)
Refining our Understanding of the Merger History of Galaxies
16.05.17 Colin Norman (Johns Hopkins University) CANCELED   Carollo
30.05.17 Arif Babul (University of Victoria) Groups and Clusters of Galaxies: Where Cosmology and Astrophysics Collide Lilly

Fall Semester 2016

Date Speaker Title Host
27.09.16 Thanu Padmanabhan (IUCAA, India)
Gravity and the Cosmos Refregier
04.10.16 Emanuele Daddi (Université Paris Saclay) Observing cluster formation at high redshift
11.10.16   Piero Rosati (Ferrera University) Illuminating dark matter and the dark ages with massive lensing clusters
18.10.16 Martin Haehnelt (University of Cambridge) Probing reionization with Lyman-alpha and 21cm emission/absorption Cantalupo
01.11.16   Filippo Fraternali (Bologna University) Gas accretion onto galaxies via galactic fountains Cantalupo
08.11.16 Markus Kasper (ESO, Garching) High-contrast Imaging, from very large to extremely large telescopes Schmid
15.11.16 Alexandre Vazdekis (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias) Modelling the stellar content of Early-Type Galaxies from the UV to the
Erroz Ferrer
29.11.16 Francine Marleau (University of Innsbruck) Central Massive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies Lilly
06.12.16 Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zürich) Our Dark Universe
13.12.16   James Aird (University of Cambridge)
X-rays across the galaxy population: tracing star formation and AGN activity Schawinski
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