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Welcome to the Cosmic Structure Formation Group Webpage

We devote our research efforts to explore the "dark" Universe and its filamentary network that we call the "Cosmic Web" using both theoretical/numerical models and observations with the most advanced astronomical instruments on 8-10m class telescopes. In particular, we focus on the direct detection and study in emission of the baryonic component of the "Cosmic Web" - the Intergalactic and Circumgalactic media - in order to unravel the three-dimensional morphology of Cosmic Structures and to address several fundamental questions:

  • How do galaxies form within the Cosmic Web? What are the physical conditions for the formation of stars within protogalaxies?
  • How do galaxies get their gas? What is the morphology and kinematics of the accreting gas and how does this affect galaxy formation and evolution?
  • What are the physical and morphological properties of the Cosmic Web? How does this compare to our understanding of cosmic structure formation in the Early Universe?
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